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Thursday, 6/27: 10AM PT | 1PM ET

Mastering the 300-Client Milestone: Secrets to Aesthetic Business Success

WhenThursday, June 27: 10AM PT / 1PM ET

Featuring: John Bergano, co-founder of Contempo Aesthetics and CEO of Aesthetics Card & Natasha Peters, Aesthetic Business Coach and Founder of Tasha Talks Aesthetics

Why This Webinar?

Learn the secrets to reaching the highly sought-after 300-client milestone and transform your aesthetic practice. Join our exclusive webinar where we share essential strategies to help propel your practice to new levels of success.

During this webinar, you will discover:

  • The significance of the 300-client milestone for achieving self-sustainability in your business

  • Practical techniques to grow your practice to this important threshold

  • How to establish a strong foundation for long-term success and continuous growth

  • Ways to differentiate your business in a competitive market and attract a loyal clientele

  • The importance of effective financial management to reduce costs and increase profits

  • Key strategies to cultivate lasting relationships with your clients and elevate your practice to new heights

Explore the inspiring journey of John Bergano, co-founder of Contempo Aesthetics and CEO of Aesthetics Card, as he shares his experience in growing Contempo Aesthetics with his co-founder, Dr. Rachel, to achieve the significant milestone of 300 clients. Gain valuable insights from their journey and learn how to apply their successful strategies to your own practice.

Additionally, industry expert Natasha Peters, Aesthetic Business Coach and Founder of Tasha Talks Aesthetics, will unveil powerful engagement strategies to accelerate the growth of your practice. Discover proven techniques to increase referrals, improve patient retention, and maximize the value of each patient, all aimed at helping you reach the coveted 300-client milestone.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to receive expert guidance and elevate your aesthetic practice.

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Profits in Beauty – a webinar series crafted by Portrait – offers a comprehensive blend of insights, strategies, and industry best practices. Drawing from our extensive experience spanning half a decade and collaborations with hundreds of MedSpas nationwide. Our expertise is vast, having collaborated with diverse entrepreneurs—ranging from expansive multi-location, multi-provider MedSpas to the more intimate boutique and concierge solo establishments.

Tailored for both seasoned owners and ambitious newcomers of Independent MedSpas, our series offers unparalleled insights. Whether you're drafting the blueprint of your dream spa or strategizing your grand exit, our goal is to elevate your vision and amplify your venture's valuation.

Each week, we’ll dive deep with both Portrait’s in-house experts and renowned guest speakers; each session promises an in-depth exploration, rounded off with a live, interactive Q&A. This series is inspired by our internal training modules, which we believe should benefit the Portrait collective and the broader aesthetics community.

Dive into topics like: 

Mastering client acquisition and nurturing them into lifelong brand ambassadors.

Striking the balance: Pricing and packaging that fuels growth without diluting your brand essence. 

Launching a compliant practice quickly and efficiently without exorbitant legal fees.

Unveiling the financial dynamics of diverse MedSpa models across regions and how this knowledge can improve your bottom line. 

... plus, we're always tuned in to our community, ensuring we cover topics that resonate and add value to your aesthetic journey. Join us in redefining success in the aesthetic arena.